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Bucharest - press conference - 29/06

......Who would have thought? She actually came to Bucharest for the Fete de la Musique show on Saturday, June 27th. Before being happy I wanted to see her in front of my eyes. And this happened yesterday, at the press conference for this event. A friend of mine told me about it and I said "why not, let's try getting in". It wasn't difficult. Some people from the press, some critiques and some of our best musicians. Mrs Angela Gheorghiu, Mr Ion Caramitru, the Director of the National Theatre where the event will take place, Mr Radu Beligan, Mr Dan Grigore, Mr Johnny Raducanu, Mr Horatiu Malaele and Mr Victor Rebengiuc. One of the few questions (sorry to say but I think that some of the people there didn't actuallt know why they are there and who the people in front of them are - so.. no questions from the press. related to the concert on Saturday or not. And this was sad. We wanted to ask something.. but we couldn't. We should have to introduce ourselves).... so, one of the few questions was about the program of the evening. "It's a suprise" Mr Caramitru said. Piano (the new Yamaha piano bought by the National Theatre), voice, poetry and ... improvisation.
.....Thanks Angela for coming. Now I'm not upset anymore. she said that she accepted the invitation whitout hesitation. Hope there are more and more events like this.

No comments for the pictures. I was so nervous that my hand were shaking a lot. Afterall, she was there, in front of me. Everything is here.

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