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It took my breath away

Of all I've written so far, this is the most difficult. How should I put in words an overwhelming feeling?
Let's put it like this. Imagine that you want something very, very much. And you'd do a lot of thigs to be able to go seeing that "something". And then suddenly, it's in front of your eyes. That "something" for me is Angela Gheorghiu.
I was not sure she'll come to Bucharest. But she showed up at the press conference on Thursday and then I knew. The show was on Saturday. Fete de la Musique, with 1 week delay.
No sleep/no eat before the concert. I was extremely nervous. I gave up my seat in the hall for the first step in front of the stage. Even if for many people this sounds unusual, here it's possible and nobody asks you why you don't sit in a chair. What would she wear? What would she sing?
Some pictures and videos follow. Don't think that I spent all the time taking pictures. Oh, no. Not for a moment. The camera took the pictures almost by itself. Don't forget that I was seating on stairs. And had my knees as support for the camera. So, enjoy. With all my love.

You can find the pictures and the rest of the comments here.

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