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L'amico Fritz - release dates and track list

Deutsche Grammophon updated the page about this new release. Now they added the track list for the 2 CDs.

The CD is already listed and can be preordered on :
- and it will be released on October 6th 2009. The price is 37.98$ because it's IMPORT.
- and here the release date is October 5th 2009. The price is 15.69 UK pounds (be careful, the VAT is not included and you only see it when you're ready to make the payment). The track list is here too, but no audio preview for the moment.
-, with the release date on October 2nd 2009. The price is 25.95 euro.
- Deutsche Grammophon, with the release date on October 1st 2009. Here it can't be preordered yet.

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