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Muzica - "the hymn of my life"

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This was a concert that came unexpectedly. I had a hint but it was confirmed only about 3 weeks ago. It was an open air concert organized during "The Days of Bucharest"
The press wrote today that there were 10.000 people. I don't know about that. But I know one thing for sure. There were at least 3000 other people (that dedicated public, les connaisseurs)that might have liked to come but couldn't. There were 4 other important (and very important cultural events in Bucharest taking place at the same time):
- Concertgebouw conducted by Mariss Jansons at the Palace Hall (considered by "Gramophone" magazine the best orchestra in the world - part of "George Enescu" International Festival) - the concert was sold out. The hall has about 3100 seats.
- Yo Yo Ma (the famous cello player) at the National Opera House (part of the Festival) - again, sold out. About 1000 seats, I think
- Monte Carlo Ballet at the National Theatre (also part of the Festival), sold out - about 1200 seats
- free performances at different theatres in Bucharest and free entrance at most of the museums
So, you see, the competition was strong. For me it was easy to decide. Concertgebouw on the next day, Yo Yo Ma has to come back for me sometimes in the future, Monte Carlo Ballet also on the next day. Now that everything was set, the concert could start.
It was a cold fall evening. The coldest in September. Sorry for that. We were dressed and we were cold. I know that somebody on the stage might have had a hard time standing there for 2 hours in those beautiful (but unproper for such a weather) dresses, singing. Big thank you for that! This concert was important for a lot of people. There are admirors that can't afford travelling to other countries so this was a big opportunity. There were also a lot of people coming to see this concert from different cities in Romania. Some of them saw Angela live for the first time. Some of them had that chance back in 1996 or 2004. But for everybody it was a pleasure that "the soprano that charmed the world" (as Mr Rebengiuc said in the opening on the concert) came home to sing. I say this to every person that wants to listen. A concert is great, but it's opera where you can listen to her amazing voice. If you ask me, go to Royal Opera House in London (try La Traviata next July). For me, it's there where her voice sounds best.
Angela Gheorghiu and Vlad Mirita sung something for every taste. It was a free open air concert and the program was decided accordingly. Each person there chose a song as favorite, sighted at something, cheered a particular song, cried during another one. I heard sooo many comments. My fav? "Muzica". Always, because of a particular line in the refrain. "Music is my life and it gave me everything". Well, without this attachment to music that I have for quite some time it wouldn't have been the same. This evening I had a second favorite. "Brindisi", because it reminded me how much I want to listen to Traviata live.
Part One
1. Entre’Act / Carmen de Bizet - Orchestra
2. Habanera / Carmen de Bizet – Angela Gheorghiu
3. Nessun Dorma / Turandot by Giacomo Puccini – Vlad Mirita
4. Un bel di / Madama Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini – Angela Gheorghiu
5. O fortuna / Carmina Burana by Carl Orff– Orchestra/Chorus
6. O mio babbino caro / La Boheme by Giacomo Puccini – Angela Gheorghiu
7. O suave fanciulla / La Boheme by Giacomo Puccini - Angela Gheorghiu & Vlad Mirita.
Part two
8. Die Fledermaus: Uvertura / Johann Strauss – Orchestra
9. Santa Lucia by Teodoro Cottrau – Vlad Mirita
10. Le filles de Cadix by Leo Delibes – Angela Gheorghiu
11. Mamma by Cesare Andrea Bixio – Vlad Mirita
12. Romanian Rhapsody by George Enescu –Orchestra
13. Muzica / Valurile Dunarii by George Grigoriu - Angela Gheorghiu
14. Te Iubesc / Lasati-ma sa cant by Gherase Dendrino – Angela Gheorghiu & Vlad Mirita
6 encores:
O sole mio
I Could Have Danced all Night
Non ti scordar di me
No need to mention that the outfits were beautiful. You have already saw the picture that opened the post. The first one - during the sound check, before the concert. Next 3 during the concert and the last one, after the concert. That last outfit during the show simply hypnotized everybody, including the members of the orchestra: a long, red dress, with its well studied transparency on bust and waist.
There were great fireworks after the concert. And they were right above our heads. There was a huge noise but what we saw was amazing.
And now the "thank you" section:
- first of all, thanks to Mrs Gheorghiu. One extra concert and more than that, a concert in my home town, is... better that a Christmas present
- to Mr Mirita who, I'm sure, did his best, handled the emotions and the voice. He's young, talented and with lots of practice he can improve a lot. Even if there were some hesitating moments during the piece, the end of Nessun Dorma was a great success. As he declared, he sung it for the first time on stage, so it's fully understandable.
- to the orchestra conducted by Tiberiu Soare who played with pleasure. They would have needed more time to practice but the soloists and the conductor are professionals. In the end everything ended well. Only that... the Romanian Rhapsody by Enescu didn't sound..... as it was supposed to. Maybe next time it is better, especially in the brass section.
- to those at the sound board. Mics placed perfectly except one, at the percussion section. During "Carmina Burana" my lungs and liver were shivering :). And again, during "Un Bel Di", the lyrics say that there's a cannon far away (and a cannon-like sound is heard). Tonight, the cannon was veeery close to us.
- to the "organizers" up above for sending the clouds away. Some extra degrees would have been helpful.... but at least it didn't rain.
- to the 3 ladies behind me that left after the interval. They talked sooo much, all kind of stupid comments. Why do people behave like this? If the stage is far away and the sound is loud, this doesn't mean that the others around can't hear you talking ?!?!
That's all. Briefly, because after each concert/opera involving Mrs Gheorghiu I tend to repeat myself.
One video. The quality of the sound is not that good. Mine is just a photo camera. It can't be perfect. But take it as a memory of that evening. I didn't pay too much attention to what the camera was filming. I couldn't take my eyes away from the stage.
The end of Non ti scordar di me, one of the encores.

All the photos - HERE

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