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Tel Aviv - last call

This post has two reasons. First I wanted to point out that there are some beautiful, large pictures from the stay in Israel on Angela's official website. Many thanks to those who took and posted them. They can be found in the PERSONAL section. The photo above belongs to the Official Site too. I chose it as my favorite from this round because it shows two amazing people (Angela Gheorghiu and Zubin Mehta) from any point of view you want.
So far we have:
* the purpose of the event - HERE and HERE
* one video - HERE
* one review on an ONLINE NEWSPAPER with a beautiful picture HERE
* a lot of pictures from the stay in Israel on the OFFICIAL WEBSITE
What's missing? The PROGRAM. This is the second reason of this post. I noticed that there are a lot of log hits on the blog from Israel. I still hope that somebody attended the concert or found a review that mentions the program or some other opinions. Of all the concerts so far this must be somehow different as Angela performed alone. Any hint would be extremely useful.
Have a great weekend!

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