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Video from TVR Cultural interview


The same person that sent the audio also sent me this fragment. Anonymus donnation :). This phrase reminds me of the programs at the ROH. "The performance of X in the title role is supported tonight by anonymous donnation" :)
The video is short but suggestive. It's the ending of the second part of the interview broadcasted on TVR Cultural on October 15th.
This is what they're saying:
* Montserrat Caballe came to Bucharest about 2 months ago. And I was one of those who raised and applauded when she entered the stage because she’s who she is and I wanted to listen to her live all my life. And after the first bars I was very, very sad and the feeling remained till she left It doesn’t matter.
* Not for her. It mattered for me. You had both happiness and sadness. I would have liked to ask at least 100 people in the audience if they liked or not.
* Maybe they liked it. Yes. If that artist makes so many people happy, why he/she shouldn’t accept the invitation? You’re right in what you say. It should be like that. When you feel the slightest uncertainty you should say “that’s enough”. I think it’s very difficult. And if you ask me what Angela will do, I don’t know. I want to have the strength to say “enough”, move on and enjoy what’s left.

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