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Autographs for $$$$

Money can buy a lot of things. The commercial for Mastercard is very suggestive. It's something like this: "pair of boots - xx $$, trip to The Caribeans - XXX $$, time spent with your child - priceless".
It's the same with the autographs. For me they are not just a signature on a program, a CD booklet, a picture or anything else. They are those 2 minutes spent in front of the person I admire most. They are the words uttered with difficulty, not that you don't speak the language but the emotion is that big that words don't come out. It's the only thing that reminds you that everything was real, that you saw that person right in front of your eyes after months or years of waiting.
So what's the point of owning an autograph if there's no emotion behind it?
The reason of writing this is that I found a website. This company is selling and buying autographs. Roger Gross Ltd, based in New York. There are hundreds of autographs of singers, composers, instrumentalists, conductors at different prices. Most of them range between 50$ and 150$. But there are also some very expensive ones. You can see the complete list HERE.
* Maria Callas in Trovatore - 2750$
* Jussi Bjorling in Trovatore - 2750$
* George Gershwin - 2500$
* Puccini - 1875$
* Maria Callas in Tosca - 1475$
* Maria Callas in Medea - 1200$
*Giuseppe Giacosa and Luigi Illica - 975$
* Jaqueline Dupre - 875$
* Enrico Caruso - 675$
And some photos Angela. Maybe there are more. I don't know. See for yourselves.
Again, I don't agree with this kind of trade. But it's just me. If this company exists, it means there are people buying.


  1. Linda Smith2/12/09 8:11 PM

    I got one of Angela in La Rondine for $10 on eBay a few months ago, thinking I might not have the chance in person. I've purchased a few others over the years, of people I admire but who have passed on. And in my rock concert days (years ago) I'd wait for hours after a show for a signed record:). Would love to have a Maria Callas or Puccini but it's bit out of my price range!

  2. I agree with you on this one..
    wow The signature of Maria Callas is worth a lot...ok it belongs to Callas..but it is kind of overreacted.
    People make a lot of money on big names who passed Callas or look at Michael Jackson case..

  3. This one is interesting:

    I haven't seen this photo before.

  4. Me neither. It must be from a Traviata.. back in 90s. Thanks

  5. I sell autographs in my website, and the thing is that many can not reach current singers in person or the singer is already deceased and their recordings are still around. Most of my customers want Callas, Caruso, Pavarotti, Corelli, Nilsson, etc etc and the only way to get authentic stuff is from the hands of those who know their signature really well and can provide a guarantee. The best if of course to get an autograph in person and express your admiration to your favorite singer in person as well, that would be wonderful, but it is not the only way to enjoy being a fan. You can treasure a great autograph photo of somebody who left us his/her great voice in recordings!. My website is at Thank you for reading!

  6. The fact that I don't agree with buying autographs it doesn't mean that the others can't do it. For me is more than a signature. It's the direct contact with that particulat person for a few moments. A piece of paper can't give me that.