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The soprano from the White House - ProTV evening news

It's a short interview for another Romanian TV station, ProTV. It was broadcasted also on Saturday evening.

The Soprano from the White House

There was a Gala with 300 guest, actors, singers and also politicians. Angela Gheorghiu declared that she was overwhelmed by this high society.
A very important moment for me as artist was gettingon stage in front of them.
Sting was among the important guests.
There was another friend of mine there, Sting. He paid tribute to Bruce Springsteen.
Meryl Streep and Robert de Niro appreciated Angela Gheorghiu very much.
I was extremely impressed by Meryl Streep. She kneeled in front of me. She said she prays to be born again because she wants to be like me. I have to send hugs and greetings to Ilie Nastase from Robert de Niro.
If professionally Angela Gheorghiu does well, she can't say the same about the private life. She denies the rumours that she divorced the tenor Roberto Alagna. But she admites that the situation is not a happy one.
We are two artists who need "the holy peace" as I call it. The family at home should not interfere so we can do what we want, when we want.


    It's worth clicking.

  2. Chris, Sping flower?!?
    Yes, I know about this. I was looking for something sung by her. In Romanian. She said she likes singing carols, but I couldn't find anything. I'll keep on searching.

  3. Lovely videos, I am happy to see that she is so appreciated.She deserves it and I am proud that she is from our country.