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We won't divorce for the moment

Angela appeared on TV for the evening news at Antena 1, a Romanian TV Station. What she said... see below.

The Beauty from the Opera

La Boheme, Traviata, La Rondine, Manon, Tosca, Romeo et Juliette performed at the Royal Opera House, Vienna State Opera or Metropolitan Opera have Angela Gheorghiu as main hero. And she is here with us today.
Good evening
Good evening. This was a very fast introduction. Your headlines are always spectacular.
Have I exagerated?
Not at all. In a 20 year career I met a lot of artists, both from Europe and USA. All these are from United States. The President of the USA honors the artists that reached the highest of their career. I've been living this kind of atmosphere for a long time. People judge what they see in front of the camera. But there are moments equally important that happen behind the cameras.
Why are you on TV so rarely?
What TV stations?
The Romanian ones.
I can't answer this question. I think it's a matter of schedule. I have a saying, less often is better. Nobody can ask me if I left or when I left Romania. Because I do what any artist from USA, UK or France does. My job can be done only travelling almost each week.
Where is home for you?
It's a common question. Home is in Romania because I have many friends here. I find more and more friends also in the venues. You know I'm married to a French with Sicilian origins tenor. So when I'm in Italy or France I'm being asked the same question. I'm at home where I feel good. I'm subjective and extremely patriotic when I'm abroad. There's no concert without a Romanian song.
Because you mentioned Roberto Alagna, there were a lot of rumours regarding your marriage.
You like to pick up bits of news from here and there.
The audience likes this.
Especially when it's about me or other artists. We're in very good relations. We have ups and downs. Roberto doesn't want to divorce. I try to understand this.
Do you want to divorce?
I wanted at some point. Because of our job we don't get to see eachother for long time. During the last few years we parted more and more because of our repertoire. This was one of the main reasons. And there was also jealousy. My Romanian temper made me say "stop". But he's trying to give me the freedom I need in order to feel confortable.
From what you said the jouralists should understand that you won't divorced anymore?
Yes. For the moment we won't divorce. Peace of mind is very important for me. And he keeps telling me that we should move on to the next level of our relationship.
Doing research for this interview I found a very interesting title in The Times, from 2006, after your success with Tosca at the Covent Garden. It says "having such a voice she's allowed to be a nightmare", refering to you tempestous character. Is it difficult to work with Angela Gheorghiu?
I would like you to go talk to all of my colleagues, conductors, opera singers, directors and to ask them who Angela Gheorghiu really is and how they work with me. Because I'm from Romania I got a nickname, Draculette. An American composer wrote an opera with this title for me. I have it at home.
When are you staging it?
When the right time comes.
Would you like to act in a movie?
I acted in two movies, Tosca and Romeo and Juliette.
If you were to draw a line, Which was the best moment in your life?
There are so many. But the best one was when I was born. The good fairies came to me. I thank my mom and dad and to God for bringing me to this world.
Who do you inherit your talent from?
From God, my mother, my father, I don't know.
Who's singing in the family?
Nobody. I first sung a song by Brahms. My voice was powerful. Long time ago when you were young, Iosif Sava, Luminita Constantinesc and other people from the TV station gave me the opportunity to be on screen. I started when I was 18. I want to tell you that I had a huge success with this dress. Everybody wants to have a dress like this, designed by Catalin Botezatu. Thank you so much. Robert de Niro wanted me to say hello to Ilie Nastase and I already did that. I'm very proud of these moments.
One last question.What do you wish for Christmas?
Beautiful Christmas carols. I like to sing them.
Do you sing Romanian carols when you're abroad?
Yes, sure. Last year at St Patrick's Cathedral in New York I performed O ce veste minunata along with Panis Angelicus for an American TV station. I always sing Romanian music.
Thank you very much and happy holidays.


  1. Thank you, Irina! I had no idea she was on TV :(. I'm so jealous with this hostess, I'm so jealous with everyone who met her at least once :)
    For a few seconds, I thought we could hope again for a reunion...

  2. There is hope, always.
    By the way, the dress she's talking about is the red one from the Kennedy Awards.

  3. un gros merci pour cette traduction. je serais tellement heureuse qu'ils restent ensemble ! (roberto et angela)
    irina, je veux aussi te remercier de mettre à disposition sur le net des nouvelles en français d'angela gheorghiu, car en france, nous savons peu de choses d'elle.
    je suis fan de roberto alagna et d'angela gheorghiu, je ne peux plus me passer de leur voix sublimes
    bravo et merci pour ton travail de reporter multi-langues !
    à bientôt

  4. Mireille, je vous remercie pour visiter le blog. Pour la traduction en français, s'il vous plaît utiliser Google traduction situé sur le côté droit de la page.
    Ce sont d'excellentes nouvelles. J'espère que nous allons entendre plus d'eux.