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Part 1 - introduction
Part 2 - Neamt Monastery
Part 3 - Humor Monastery. The beautiful thing about the monasteries in Northern Moldavia is that they are painted on the outside. Amazing frescoes cover the walls. Some of them are very well preserved. Some others perished in time and got restored. The fact is that they are unique and for this reason the monasteries are part of UNESCO patrimony.
Built in 1530, Humor Monastery got fortified 100 years after. The church was transformed into a parish church, and the monastic buildings were abandoned and ruined. In the 1980s, a new church was built for the parish of the village, and the former monastery church was opened for visits. The monastic community was refounded in 1992, and in 1993, together with six other churches with exterior frescoes, the church of Humor was included in the World Heritage List. Although the church of the Assumption of the Virgin is not smaller than the other painted churches, the absence of the tower and the comparatively low roofline give the impression of reduced dimensions. More about this jewel, HERE.
Now back to the video. And to the beautiful voice that delicately renders the Orthodox religious music.



  1. linda smith15/1/10 8:01 AM

    It is interesting to learn about the churches painted on the outside; I didn't know of these!

  2. Everyting is so enchanting: voice, music, paintings, architecture, landscapes...
    It's overwhelming. I am listening, watching and crying...
    Thank you once again!