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Treasures of Romania

It's a journey through Romania showing our culture, some of our most beautiful places, the religious music. It's a story of a life presented by Angela herself. It starts in Bucharest, at the Conservatory and then moves on to Moldavia (not Moravia as it's written in the description of the video), the Northern part of Romania. She talks to priests about music, monasteries (Neamt Monastery, in the second part) , about the Orthodox religion and in the end of the second part she sings "Tatal nostru" (released on Mysterium album), accompanied by Madrigal Chorus. This fantastic ensemble is conducted by Marin Constantin (now 84). Most of you might know his son, the conductor Ion Marin whom Mrs Gheorghiu worked a lot with.
Romanian Journey is a BBC Classical Music Television London production for BBC 4 and it was broadcasted in April 2004. It's such a pity that these materials aren't released somehow on DVDs. Maybe a bonus for a future CD. It's entirely in English (part Angela's voice, part subtitles)and for the moment only the first two parts are uploaded on YouTube (bollypl's channel).
The next part should present the painted monasteries in Moldavia and more songs. Enjoy!


  1. Thank you Irina for this nice surprise!
    While Watching this documentary, I fell in love with Angela's voice. Tatal Nostru is a masterpiece! You are right! It's such a pity that “Angela Gheorghiu’s Romanian Journey” was not released on DVD. I still hope that TVR will broadcast it again soon.

  2. wow amazing video and article also too good. i like it..

  3. linda smith14/1/10 8:08 PM

    I really enjoyed this and hope to see the whole thing eventually.

  4. I've read about this programme a while ago and I was hoping to be able to watch it one day. This is a different Angela than the one we know from other programmes. Very interesting!

  5. @Ruxandra. TVR can broadcast it only if they buy it from BBC. Sad to say, the Brits had the idea of doing it and they own it.
    TVR owns some other recordings that I'd love to see. Such as the concert with Domingo in 1992 or the Christmas concert in 2004, both in Bucharest.