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Verona - Traviata - Cura

I made a new discovery. When I say "discovery" I mean pictures attached to a performance.
Back in 2003. There was a performace (was it the only one? Arena di Verona doesn't have an archive) during the Opera festival that takes place in Verona every year. According to the person who was there and whose thoughts you can read HERE, it was "a semi-scenic version". Jose Cura and Angela Gheorghiu portrayed Violetta and Alfredo in that open air, marvelous venue.
Violetta Valéry - Angela Gheorghiu
Alfredo Germont - José Cura
Flora Bervoix - Milena Josipovic
Annina - Loredana Bigi
Giorgio Germont - Ambrogio Maestri
Gastone de Letorières - Mauro Buffoli
Baron Douphol - Graziano Polidori
Marquis of Obigny - Alessandro Calamai
Doctor Grenvil - Enrico Iori
Giuseppe - Mario Guggia
Daniel Oren, conductor
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  1. You find everything, don't you? :-)
    Looking forward to see Mr Cura as Cavradossi, in 2 weeks time in Viena. He better be in good vocal shape, other than that I'am certainly not worried about how he's gonna look on the stage (handsome, handsome...)

  2. Almost everything :)
    He'll do well. In the meantime I'm looking lorward to see a certain Traviata..

  3. yes, OperaOnline, he´s handsome, intelligent, and a very good fotographer. But his singing seems to depend on the mood he´s in: when he feels like singing, he´s great, but if he´s not in the mood for opera, his performance can be quite disappointing.

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  6. These photos were posted some time ago here:

    Check album 'La Traviata Verona 2003'. I've also seen a recording on Musica Lirica blog, but now it's inactive.

  7. So that is your website too? cool

  8. My photos from La Traviata 31.7.2003 (

    The wonderful photos in this post belongs to Arena di Verona, I think.

    I have posted my review in my blog, please comment.

    Thank you for finding me.