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What should I say? I wrote and deleted what I wrote, and then wrote again and deleted again. A lot of things come to my mind. Why? Why again? And again... Not to mention that the two performaces were SOLD OUT. I'm pretty sure why there were no more tickets left. The two names were so important that 8000 people paid hoping to see them and listen to them. Now all the people that said she won't sing are happy (see some blogs...). I'm sad. Some people know the reason. The main one. The other one is that Peter cried "wolf" again. And the press will write about it. Looong articles, full of all sorts of explanations and suppositions. The first article is already online, in New York Times. There must be a good reason. MET gave a statement quoting Angela. "To make so important a debut as Carmen, I want to be as prepared dramatically as I am musically. Therefore, I will postpone my role debut until a later date when I can work intensely with the Richard Eyre production." Kate Aldrich steps in.
The OFFICIAL SITE published the continuation of the statement: Therefore, I will postpone my role debut until Autumn 2012 when I can work intensely with Richard Eyre production. When offered the new CARMEN, I had immediately thought that Richard was essential to create a new, fresh vision of Carmen for me. My greatest sadness in withdrawing the opening this season has been to lose the extended rehearsal hours with Richard. When I return to Covent Garden this summer to revive the 1994 production of LA TRAVIATA which Richard created for me, we shall again work together to deepen and build upon our 1994 collaboration. This is how I want to work and need to work. Thank you for your understanding.
What's left? Traviata, three times (NY, London and the tour). I'm sure there's place for way more than that. And for Placido Domingo's sake, I hope she stays in for Boccanegra.
Sorry, I'm upset. I try to understand that there must be not enough time for rehearsals but I can't help being disappointed again. More than anybody can imagine. well, those who follow her in the world know how it is. You know how it is to buy tickets 6-7 months before and then waiting. So I'll stop here.


  1. Using artistic reasons for cancellations is getting to be too much of a habit and less convincing each time she does it.

    She has recorded this role and also been previously engaged to sing it publicly - it ought to have been prepared by now.

    I think she is skirting on thin ice with some of these cancellations and she should put more care into her decision-making and more effort into fulfilling the obligations she takes on.

  2. je ne pense pas que ce soit un problème de manque de temps pour les répétitions.
    je pense qu'elle est prudente car le rôle de carmen sur scène est très lourd.
    musicalement elle est prête bien sûr (écoute le cd pour en être convaincu) mais c'est surtout de "composer" le personnage de carmen qui reste une énorme difficulté. je comprends sa prudence et sa volonté de continuer à travailler cet opéra. les critiques ne la rateraient pas si elle n'était pas à la hauteur, certains sont vraiment haineux et stupides.
    je comprends aussi ta tristesse mais toi tu as déjà eu la chance de la voir et de l'entendre en vrai je crois ? quelle chance !
    amicalement et encore merci pour tout ton travail sur ce blog

  3. @Mireille
    Je l'ai vu. Plus je la vois, plus je veux être capable de la revoir. Peut-être qu'elle aurait dû annuler tout au début.
    Merci de lire le blog :)

  4. opera lover9/2/10 9:09 AM

    Well, I'm glad that by cancelling, this posture was avoided. Imagine what the press would have done with such and image.

  5. @opera lover. interesting perspective. But Don Jose wouldn't have been Roberto but Jonas Kaufmann.

  6. at least we won't show up and find a sign in the lobby saying she has cancelled:)

  7. I was going to travel to NY from other country for the first time just to see her and Carmen! a cancellation until 2013 is so much! I can't wait i hear
    Les tringles des sistres tintaient in you tube sung by her and it was splendid i don't know what happend! she's perfect what preparation she is ready.