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Happy ending - with better videos

EDIT: e2ul uploaded the interview on his YouTube Channel in a very good quality.
Part 1
Part 6
Part 7
And we got to the end of the interview. I'm waiting now for the next one. Don't forget. TVR1 broadcasts the show again on Friday morning from 10am. There is a good version uploaded but it came after I finished the translation. So I'll use the old ones just to finish the job.

Thinking of Sting, when we decided we would sing together I started listening to his music, to be prepared. But he said this is a unique opportunity to do the exact opposite thing. He wanted to sing opera with me. It was an experience for him but we felt extremely well because we did it to honor the memory of Luciano.
Are they difficult people or regular people?
It depends on the situation they find themselves in.
Is it difficult or easy to work with Angela Gheorghiu?
I would like you to ask this question to the people I worked with, directors, conductors, singers. The fact that I kept good relationships with my colleagues can be a sign. We have a huge responsibility every time we’re on stage and the performance starts. For example if you ask what my name is before the start of a performance you might have the surprise that I hesitate.
You changed from the beginning of the show. You’re calmer now.
Don’t mix up emotions with the fact that I'm considered difficult. I always want to feel safe. For example this show. I knew who the guests were and how the sets looked like.
You came here yesterday and checked up every detail.
Because I like to know everything from the beginning. Is it wrong? Wouldn’t it be great for everybody to do that? You’re musicians and you know that improvisation is good sometimes. But it is not always true. It can be fake. You’re not always honest with the audience. I don’t believe in improvisation 100%. In most of the cases it’s studied.
Successful people are considered spoiled by the destiny. Only a few people know that you still suffer after the death of your sister and that you adopted your niece. How do you overcome the turns of life?
With trust and faith.
Where do you find the strength?
I don’t know. Sometimes I ask myself this question. There is no recipe. Each of us find strength in something. Music gives me energy. People find support in religion or in themselves.

In December 2009 took place the 32nd edition of the Kennedy Awards where artists honored Mel Brooks, Dave Brubeck, Robert de Niro, Bruce Springsteen and Grace Bumbry. And you were invited to perform in honor of the mezzo soprano Grace Bumbry. Was it the first time you sung in front of a President?
I don’t remember. I don’t think there’s a capital in this world where the President or the Queen doesn’t attend a performance once or twice a year.
So you were used to it. Let’s see some images from the Kennedy Center.
I don’t know if you liked being at Danutz SRL but you have to believe me I was honored to have you here. As you were inspired by all those people you sung with, you and this great evening will remain in my memory. Thank you for coming. Please let me offer you flowers.
Thank you very much. I see tears in your eyes. I consider the flowers a symbol of Spring (“martisor”).
I’d like to dedicate the next song to you. It’s called “Spring starts with you” ("Primavara incepe cu tine")


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  1. Actually, Angela was right regarding improvisations. She definitely has a sixth sense!
    Last night, our TV Cultural was so generous...
    Even my cat Raspberry (a far relative of Mr Zaharia), was deeply impressed. Alfredo Kraus was magnificent.
    Thank you Irina and I look forward to a wonderful spring with Angela!