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Diva of the future - VIDEO from the photo shooting

It's a 3 minute video part of the News on another Romanian television, Realitatea TV. It was first broadcasted on Sunday evening and then again on Monday morning. It shows a few images from the photo shooting for TABU Magazine. Sort of behind the scenes. It's quite different from everything she's done before. By the way, the magazine wasn't released yet. But the pictures were already posted somewhere on the internet (not here, as I don't want to spoil the surprise of those who are still waiting to see the print).
You can see the video HERE. Let it load and then go to 44:10, right after the news regarding Bob Dylan's coming to Bucharest (on June 2nd, if there's anyone interested).
Here's what Angela's saying in the video.
The pictorial of the March issue of Tabu magazine shows Angela Gheorghiu in less familiar circumstances for the Romanian public. Extravagant outfits, a combination of glamour and pop reveal a less known side of her character. Angela Gheorghiu is famous in the world of opera and her appearances on stage are an event for the fans of the genre.
You might feel a little bit uncomfortable knowing you're about to take pictures to a woman who stirred Franco Zefirelli’s imagination for example, or who made the audience at the White House raise. A few hour long photo shoot in a fashionable club reveals a relaxed person when working with professionals.
"They are very professional and I just let myself go, I let them spoil me, the hairstylist, the makeup artist. As I'm a true woman, I like everything that's beautiful and interesting, that involves transformation. It doesn't always have to be successful. I accept it. In fact this is my profession. I make people dream"
Diva of the future, as Tabu named her, was extremely selective regarding the outfits.
"I tried a lot of dresses, all of them made by Romanian designers whom I'm very proud of, Doina Levinta, Catalin Botezatu. I saw all kind of dresses that gave me a special feeling".

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