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The Spring-ish look

Photos @ Tabu Magazine
If I were to say what my favorite look from the pictures in Tabu Magazine is, I'd vote for green :) Brunette.. is normal. Blonde is sooo Lady Gaga (some online newspapers and some blogs already noticed this) but green, this is a change. For those who haven't bought the magainze, this is the second photo with the green wig. It's almost at the end of the magazine. No sun glasses this time.
And speaking of the resemblance with Lady Gaga, see for yourselves.

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  1. I showed Angela´s pictures (all of them, not only these two) to my 15 year old daughter. Her reaction was "Looks like Lady Gaga. But Angela has the wrong facial expression. This is a very special style, she´s not supposed to have a smile on her face. And for this style she´s too old. Lady Gaga is just 23 years old." Well, it seems it would be better to leave the youth culture to the young people.