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"What she does is beyond time, space or music"

This is how the article starts. I bought TABU magazine this morning. Got to work and I left it on my desk. The next thing I heard was "I saw that face before". It was one of my colleagues (she has nothing to do with opera). I smiled because I knew where she knows that face from. From the signed photo of Tosca I have on my desk. She has been seeing it every day for the past year. No wonder Angela's face seemed familiar. But these photos in the magazine are so different, as you probably already saw. And the article the accompanies them is a pleasant reading. It's the story of the writer's first meeting with Angela, how they established what dresses they'll use and how the photo shoot went on. This first meeting made a strong impression on Mrs Bazavan (the writer). She put down her genuine feelings and the story itself is as interesting as the pictures.
The pictures are signed by Cosmin Gogu. I would have liked to know what creator each dress belongs to. Angela said in the short video on Realitatea TV (see the post below) that they all belong to Romanian designers. But then again, the pictorial is not meant for publicity.
For the moment just the beginning of the article. I'll do my best to finish it as soon as possible. Bear with me. It's a busy period at work :)
“Welcome!”. A brunette, dressed in a red, above the knee dress matching a pair of animal print boots was heading towards me. She wears a black, knitted cap with a tassel that moves hilariously. I frown.
I’m in the living room of one of the most famous sopranos in the world and I two meters away from a woman that sheds something from the freshness and joyfulness of a teenager. As I don’t have my reading glasses with me, her youthful behavior confounds me: “What if it’s not her?”
She has nothing of the stiffness I suspected from an opera star. She’s funny, childish, delicate and gentle. I heard her voice, clear, perfectly uttering the consonants and rounding the vowels. It might be her.
“I’m glad to meet you”, she speaks again and she firmly shakes my hand.
Being close enough for my short sight, her features got the shape I knew from pictures. I recognize her determined look. I’m more and more astonished.
You may go to my bedroom. I’m coming right away and we’ll start working” she said looking also towards Laura Carnici, my colleague, senior fashion editor, who accompanied me at this meeting.
These were the first 30 seconds of my meeting with Angela Gheorghiu.

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