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Armiliato, the wizard of Traviata

With Mr Armiliato in the pit, everybody was happy on stage. According to the article published by Anthony Tommasini in New York Times, Marco Armiliato did everything by the book even if he hadn't had any rehearsal with the cast. He knows Traviata very well. He also knows how to keep the orchestra in tempo with Mrs Gheorghiu, an impassioned and impetuous artist. As on Monday, she was so swept up in her singing that she sometimes jumped ahead of the orchestra. There were moments when the tempo she wanted seemed not at all clear. But Mr. Armiliato ably navigated these hazardous spots. He knew when to ease the orchestra into place behind Ms. Gheorghiu and when the better course was to set a steady tempo and let her adjust. In contrast, Mr. Slatkin had seemed rattled by Ms. Gheorghiu’s impetuosity.

Two performaces are history. 5 to come.

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  1. It's so beautiful.You must read.