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Tickets for Traviata and Simon Boccanegra go on sale

In the second part of the 2009 - 2010 opera season Angela will appear in two productions, both in July. And for both of them the tickets go on sale soon..
La Traviata at Royal Opera House London - the tickets go on sale on April 6th. The sale starts at 10am GMT. You need an account and also have to be very quick. You have to sign in at 10am sharp, or the queue will be too long for you to find the tickets you want. Atention~ there is a limit of 2 ticket/person/all performances for Traviata.
Before starting the quest of getting tickets, take some time to study the seating plan and ticket prices. The first performance is on July 8th and there are 3 more: July 11th, 14th and 17th. James Valenti is Alfredo and Zelico Lucic is Giorgio Germont.
Simon Boccanegra at Teatro Real Madrid - the tickets go on sale on April 7th. The sale starts at 10am, Madrid time. An account is also needed. This is considered an event as Angela Gheorghiu and Placido Domingo will perform the title roles on July 22nd, 25th and 28th.
Simon Boccanegra: George Gagnidze (17, 20, 23, 26, 29)
Simon Boccanegra: Plácido Domingo (22, 25, 28)
Amelia Grimaldi: Inva Mula (17, 20, 23, 26, 29)
Amelia Grimaldi: Angela Gheorghiu (22, 25, 28)
Japoco Fiesco: Giacomo Prestia (17, 20, 23, 26, 29)
Japoco Fiesco: Ferruccio Furlanetto (22, 25, 28)
Gabriele Adorno: Fabio Sartori (17, 20, 23, 26, 29)
Gabriele Adorno: Marcello Giordani (22, 25, 28)
Paolo Albiani: Ángel Ódena (17, 22, 25, 26, 28)
Paolo Albiani: Simone Piazzola (20, 23, 29)
Pietro: Miguel Ángel Zapater
Dirección musical: Jesús López Cobos
Dirección de escena: Giancarlo del Monaco
As you can see, this is a great cast. Again, take your time and study the seat plan and price list. Teatro Real also has a virtual tour that shows you the view to the stage from different parts of the venue. It will help a lot. Atention~ again, only two tickets/person for Simon Boccanegra!
Good luck and let us know what you got!


  1. Hi! Firstly, thank you for keeping such a wonderful blog, as a huge fan of Angela Gheorghiu I am incredibly grateful to you for keeping the public up to date with everything she is doing.

    Secondly, I think that Royal Opera House booking actually opens at 10am tomorrow

    Best of luck with getting your tickets!

  2. The tickets for Traviata at ROH go on sale on April 6th. It's not written, but the time should be 10am, London hour.

  3. I get a ticket for July 8th, a seat at the balcony.

  4. Congratulations Arabella. After 1 hour and half the queue is still of more than 1500 people :)
    I go on 11th.