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"Profil, poveste, personaj" interview rebroadcasted on TVR1, May 24th

Filmed in June 2009 and broadcasted last fall, this is one of the best interviews taken to Angela I've ever listened to. There were very good questions, nothing to do with the stereotypical questions such as "where is home for you", that revealed the real person behind the wordly known opera star. Good job, Mr Constantinescu! I told you this back then. I'm telling you again in case you forgot :)
When it was first on TVR Cultural in was split in 3 episodes. The producer rearranged it and chose the most important parts to give the audience 50 minutes of delight.
TVR 1 - Monday, May 24th, starting 10:55pm (Bucharest time, GMT+2). There is live streaming of TVR1 on certain website like this one. You have to install a small program in order to make it work. TVR International is not broadcasting it.


  1. Hey, thanks for the heads up!
    I enjoyed Angela’s interview tonight. However, I didn’t like a few things:

    - the lack of clever editing, which made Angela seem to struggle for the words. I lived abroad more than a decade and when I speak Romanian it’s like I’m continually translating from English (just like her), and a bit of editing would have helped anyone watching;

    - the way the cameraman cut to Angela’s face – one could count up the pores in her skin; this is quite savagely demeaning for any interviewee, especially for a lady. I wondered why the director and cameraboy were treating AG as their worst enemy. Haven’t they heard of soft-focus?!

    Also Mr.Constantinescu seemed only too clever-by-half with his question “and the love continues after you leave the stage?” (meaning the love between AG and RA when scheduled to perform in a day after they had a row). Fortunately AG retaliated wittily that “I’m not playing drama/theatre in my private life”.

    Mr.C. tried post-factum ”sa dreaga busuiocul”, but his true colors were already showing.
    I think he didn’t connect intellectually or charismatically with AG.

    Ms.Gheorghiu's “Profesionistii” interview (by Eugenia Voda, if I’m not mistaken) is far superior - it has rhythm, intelligent editing, it is informative, and the interviewer is a witty lady who knows how to challenge his guests. If you could provide a link to it -- I saw it on youtube recently -- I would be grateful.

    (I wonder from under what rock TVR has produced Mr.Constantinescu, he wasn’t on the payroll 10 years ago, he has still to learn a bit before being on primetime.)

  2. @ met. Here's the link for the interview you want to see: This is the best one because Eugenia Voda managed to keep her on track, to build up a story. Most of the interviewers are not able to follow the idea so she jumps from a topic to another.
    If the link it's not working, click on YouTube picture on the right and you'll find the folder there.

    Only one objection. I don't think Angela is translatig from English. Yes, she uses some English words as if being in Romanian but I put the struggle on nervousness. She can hide the emotions on stage, but not so well in front of the camera or the microphone (see the speech at Brit Awards)