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Boccanegra - Amelia's aria and some reviews

Photo @EFE
Ignore the image, enjoy the sound.

I read the reviews when they were published, the day after the performance. But didn't get time to post them. Or.. I didn't want to post them before writing what I thought. But here they are:
EFE (click on the photo there. it gets bigger)
El Imparcial (beautiful photo. I saw somebody taking photos during the performance from the Royal Box. Somebody authorized, of course)
La Razon
A nice photo and some opinions on a forum
More photos on the same forum
(scroll down and click on photos to enlarge them)
3 photos on Teatro Real Website (16 to 18)
One big photo on El Pais (same as on Teatro Real but way bigger)


  1. Sounds beautiful (wish we could see it!) She is singing faster than the orchestra at one point as she is known to do:)

  2. A possible explanation for those cancellations,in fact I read something on a Spanish forum.The title is sesational without reason

  3. @Chris. I saw that but didn't want to write anything. There was a small fire at the Ritz and the guests were moved in hotels nearby. The Spanish press wrote about that. There's no source cited. more than that, the article is not signed. So I see it more as a papparazzi thing (the hotel an artist is accommodated in is not public information). And the writer should be ashamed of the title he/she chose. This proves once more that the press is looking for sensational.And it's more about how many visitors they have more than how well and documented the article is. It's not the first time when it happens. Not to mention the mistake included in the 10 lines. The performance WAS broadcasted on 25th of July.
    Eh, bad way to start a week. But I have something very, very nice for tomorrow :)