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Boccanegra in Madrid, only 1 out of 3

Teatro Real announced: La soprano albanesa Inva Mula sustituirá a la rumana Angela Gheorghiu en el papel de Amelia Grimaldi en la función del próximo miércoles 28 de julio de la ópera Simon Boccanegra.
...meaning Angela cancelled her last appearance in Simon Boccanegra.


  1. First performance is the one to get tickets for if you can.

  2. LM Smith I'm sure people appreciate your hindsight, LOL.

    I was gonna say if she did 2 out of 3 her ratio would still be better than usual, but oh well.

    I wonder why she cancelled, apart from the reason that that's just what she does. Some of the times she cancels may be *actually* due to illness. But this time around she may have cancelled cause she heard that the Madrid audience clapped and cheered when the announcement was made..

  3. My solution to the problem: Get tickets for performances which are worthwhile going to anyway. So for me it is going to be Berlin next time. If she does not show up: Who the f... cares. Jonas Kaufmann will be there ;-)

  4. As much as I adore Angela the singer, her professional behaviour lets a lot to be desired. It will get to a point where no serious theater will risk contracting her any more. She's seeking artistic suicide and I just cannot understand why she does this.

  5. Please watch your language. If you don't sign your posts it doesn't mean you have to be impolite, ok?

  6. My supposition is that Angela has a wrong idea about appearing in performances or is extremely sensitive.Both lead her on a mistaken way.
    She is an immense singer and it's such a pity to see singers who are much worse than her and are loved by public just because they appear in perfomances.I don't say she is not.I and many more people are the perfect example of devoted fans.
    If she is so sensitive so that she cannot appear in the show just because some rude spectators applauded in response to her no-show that's bad, too.If I were her,I'd've sung only to demonstrate how good,beautiful and complete artist I was.But I am not!!! ;-)
    P.S.Thank you Irina for all your work on this blog.Chris.

  7. I get the impresssion that these are two different "anonymous" people:).

  8. Thanks Irina for all your hard work. I always enjoy all your photos and reviews.
    By the way Angela showed up for EVERY perfomance of Simon at the Met including the working rehearsal I saw her in.
    Her performances since then at the Met have been "iffy".

  9. @Susan - lucky you! At some point I'll like to enjoy a full run.
    Glad you showed up. I was wondering where you were (of course, if you are the Susan I think you are. But as you mentioned the Met, I guess I'm not mistaken).
    Hard work.. sort of. Not really. I like what I'm doing. Do come back with comments :)

  10. Yes, it is me -- BIG Fan Sue! I was lucky and actually saw every one of those Simon performances at the Met. I wish it was taped as Angela was great and the entire cast worked well together.
    Thanks again Irina.

  11. @Susan - a video would have been nice. There is only an audio from that Boccanegra in 2007.

  12. Do note: Ms. Gheorghiu only appeared in 1 (the first) of her 3 performances, not in 2.

  13. Dear anonymuos - Have I said something else? The title clearly states: 1 out of 3.