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La Traviata at Royal Opera...

Check back soon :)


  1. Bravo Irina!!!
    I am so glad for you!!! Please enjoy the performance and send Angela all our love!
    But I am very disappointed by our media, as usual...I don't understand this lack of interest and professionalism on this subject.
    All the more, I do appreciate your blog from all points of view.

  2. Dear Irina,
    do you know if any of the performances of this run will be broadcasted?
    Enjoy the show!

  3. Whose ticket B16 Stalls Circle Left was that in the photo? I presume it was on the opening night - I was sitting just in front in A19 !

  4. @Ruxandra - there are more and more interviews. Sadly, most of the questions either are the same or refer to the past. But the interest exists. Thanks for the appreciation. I do my best. And YES, I enjoyed the performance.
    @Julien - I don't know if it will be broadcasted. But I'll try to find out.
    @Brian - somethimes I post pictures like these :) Everything marked with "Photo by Irina" belongs to me. So I'm behind the camera. It was my ticket and it was for the second performance.

  5. Irina, there was a beautiful review in The Times on Saturday. I cannot find it on-line, but I could scan it in and send it as a jpg image if you like. It was by a respected music journalist, Richard Morrison. It was titled "Gheorghiu triumphs witha performance of thrilling intensity", and he said it was "The most charismatic performance of the season."

  6. @James - yes, please do that. I've been trying to find somebody who has a subscription but no results. Please send it. Thanks a lot!

  7. There are still critics that can write superb reviews like this.

    By the way,on 14th(tomorrow)there is Pre-performance talk.My kind request is to post the conversation if possible and if someone attends it.

  8. @Cristina - during the pre performance talks somebody speaks about the opera, the composer, those who performed along the time, sometimes there's some listening involved. Just to give an idea of what it is about. The artists that will perform that evening are not involved in this.

  9. Thank you.I surely confused this with
    "In conversation with...".Cris

  10. Birgit Clark13/7/10 3:17 PM

    Dear Irina

    I went to the opening night of La Traviata at ROH and, like you, I absolutely loved Ms Gheorghiu as Violetta. I am very lucky in so far that I live in London and have husband that loves opera as much as I do, so I go to the ROH rather often. Nonetheless, this evening was special. Ms Gheorghiu's Traviata recording (with Solti) is one of my favourite recordings and,just like you, I have been watching it over and over again for many years. I bought the CD in 1996, and it feels that I have been waiting for this performance ever since. The opening night was a special evening and there was a real buzz of excitement in the air and Ms Gheorghiu certainly delivered! I was almost worried and apprehensive since I had such very high expectations.

    I only found your blog when searching the internet for information about the performance. PS: Have also seen Manon at ROH (the last performance) and I am looking forward to reading your view.

    Best wishes

  11. @Brigit - welcome :) Reading personal opinions is always a pleasure. Manon was another beautiful experience. Grigolo surpassed all my expectations!