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Angela withdraws from ROH tour in Japan

The statement is on ROH's tour in Japan Blog. She will be replaced by Ermonela Jaho.
Angela Gheorghiu's manager Jack Mastroianni stated:
"A few weeks ago, Angela Gheorghiu's daughter Ioana underwent surgery in London that unexpectedly developed complications. Despite efforts byspecialists to correct the problem without further surgery, a second operation has been deemed essential and is scheduled in Bucharest for the coming days. As the operation will be invasive, the surgeons have requested that Ms. Gheorghiu remain with her daughter during the operation and recovery periods."
Angela Gheorghiu has offered her sincere apologies to audiences in Japan stating:
"It is with deepest regret that I am unable to perform with The Royal Opera in Japan this September. I had been looking forward to returning to Japan with The Royal Opera having first performed with the Company there in 1992. However, this is a very difficult time for me and it is so important for me to be with my daughter. I thank you all for your understanding and support"

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  1. Thank you Irina ! I hope that it is not too serious... And, of course, we support Angela and her family.