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From Covent Garden, with love

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A set of photos from a photoshooting that took place when Angela was at the Royal Opera in London was posted on her Facebook page and also on the Official Website. Check them out!


  1. Nice pictures...keep on sharing :)

  2. Jonas has said a few nice words about Angela in the newest 'About the House' (magazine of the ROH).

  3. I cannot help myself to observ how beautiful is Angela in that white long dress!One of the most beautiful pictures of her: the attitude,the dress, the location,everything.
    On the other hand I'd like to see what Jonas said exactly.Maybe someone helps.Chris.

  4. Here you are:

    The tenor has now appeared in numerous opera houses with Angela Gheorghiu (including a number of Traviatas) and the two have onstage chemistry. ‘Angela is, in a very positive way, spontaneous and unpredictable,’ Kaufmann says. ‘She likes to surprise you in performance. I like that very much, because then you really start playing kind of a game on stage, and it creates this connection. I am always looking for people who are open-minded, and thinking of things other than just holding the high note.

  5. Dear Anonymous, thank you very much! I'm sure a lot of people here appreciates. Me included :)

  6. Thank you all.Chris.