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Suddenly Minsk

UPDATE: here's what she's saying in the video below. Thanks Galina for translation!
Anchorwoman: One of the best sopranos in the world, Angela Georghiu, performed in Minsk accompanied by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. According to Angela, she liked Minsk, which she visited for the first time, very much, and she feels very happy about the city, the audience and the concert organizers. She has even bought a few dresses by local designers to remember the city.
Angela: I’d like to come back and, maybe, give another concert. I saw your wonderful opera theater where I would like to sing without a microphone. And it also would be interesting to have my performance broadcasted for a large audience. If someone invites me one day, I will say “yes” and come.

Minsk.. Belarus. According to the website of the National State Teleradiocompany of the Republic of Belarus, the concert took place on September 11 and she was accompanied by London Philharmonic Orchestra.
There is also a short video (nice hairdo!), but in Russian. If anybody could help with the translation of what she's saying, it would be great.
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