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Happy shopping!

The general sale for the Winter season at ROH (Adriana Lecouvreur included) takes place tomorrow, starting 10am London time. Usually this is a real fight. But it's a sweet one if you get what you want. By the way, is there a special technique to get the B13 or B14 in Circle stalls? Let me know.
I wish you good luck, lots of patience (even you get the number 19xx in the queue) and a very good internet connection!
PS: some impression from Adriana at DOB coming soon. Check back!

1 comment:

  1. I get a ticket for Adriana's opening night.
    I arrived in the waiting room at 09:45(London time).At 10 o'clock I had number 1600.At 11:20 I was in and there were a lot of tickets (+100 in the Amphiteater).
    I booked a ticket for Anna Nicole and a ticket for Swanlake with Alina Cojocaru.