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Signing session. ROH Shop. Nov 15

Info arrived via Facebook Fan Page. Lucky "friends"! They get to see the Dress Rehearsal AND have the CDs signed after that AND talk to both A&J. If somebody happens to be at the ROH Shop on Monday at about 3pm, let us know how it was. Some illustration would be great too ;)

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  1. I was at the rehearsal this morning - it was a great performance. Gheorghiu was wonderfully touching and let's face it - it's her role! Kaufman I am not so enamoured with (I dislike his "veiled" voice), and Corbelli nearly stole the show. I am going to see it on Nov. 30 because I want to see Borodina instead of Michaela Schuster.

    The signing was by ticket only (limited to 250 people only), but I was busy and unable to go anyway.