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"Marius et Fanny" on the radio, Vladimir Cosma in Bucharest

For those who are at home today (or in the office and have headsets), maybe you'd like to listen to Marius et Fanny (starring Angela Gheorghiu and Roberto Alagna). It will be broadcasted by Radio Romania Cultural. I don't know the time yet, but I hope they'll publish it. Check it up on their website.
I also found out that Vladimir Cosma, the one who composed Marius et Fanny, might come to Buchrest next year (as he said), for a concert at the Romanian Athenaeum. On December 14, he was invited at the Romanian Embassy in Paris to take part in an event organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute. He spoke about his life, his more than 300 songs composed for movies.


  1. Dear Irina,
    Have you seen the recent interview of Angela on "Youtube" ? I don't understand what she says. Can you (or somebody else) make a little summary of this interview ? Thank you in advance !

  2. Annie, I saw it. But let's say I'm not "in the office" right now. I'll do my best though. In the meantime, if somebody has the time to translate it, I'd be happy to post it. But I know it's a lot of work to do.

  3. Thank you, dear Irina, we will wait. And I wish a good end of year to all to you !