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Angela, guest in the Gala honoring Domingo's 70th B-day, Jan 21, Madrid?

The Gala will take place at Teatro Real Madrid on January 21. Angela's participation is not officially confirmed anywhere yet, but there are two sources that place her there: "Revista del Real", the magazine of Teatro Real and the website of ORF. It says here that at the gala will participate also Erwin Schrott, Deborah Polaski, Juan Pons, and many others, that the Royal family will be there and that ORF will broadcast some highlights on the next day, on Jan 22 starting 10:55pm.
More details also HERE.

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  1. Website of OFR:
    once Angela Gheorghiu,after that Angela Denoke.The first, the second or both will participate in this Gala? Any further information?I am surprised that none information appear on Angela's official site.
    Hugs, Chris.