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Classica - Rencontre avec Angela

8 pages with a long interview and many photos in the latest issue of Classica magazine. Already on sale in France.
Do we find out new things? This time, yes. The interview begins... with the beginnings :). How she started singing, the Conservatory, how things changed in Romania from the Revolution in 1989 till now, that she still lives in Romania and never left for good.
Then they talk a lot about the roles:
Adriana: "Je viens justement de voir la captation de Francois Roussillon, qui paraitra dans quelques mois en DVD. Que dire? Je me demande si ce n'est pas la production que j'ai eu le plus de plaisir a faire dans ma vie". In other words "I've just seen the recording that FR made and that will be released in a couple of months on DVD. I wonder if this is not the production I had the most fun doing in my life".
Aida: "Confirmez-vous? Oui, avec Jonas Kaufmann encore et Antonio Pappano a la direction" . "Do you confirm it? Yes, again with Jonas Kaufmann and Antonio Pappano conducting" (recording on CD)
Mireille: "Jamais de la vie! Aucun chance". "Never ever. No chance"
Butterfly: "Pas encore". "Not yet"
Manon: "J'y pense". "I think about it"
Salome: "C'est une fantasme des directeurs d'opera pour me voir nue, non?!? Serieusement, je m'interesse a la version en francais de 1907. J'ai mon idee sur ce role tres sensuel.". "It's a dream that the directors have to see me naked, isn't it? Seriously speaking, I'm interested in the French version from 1907. I have my own ideas on this sensual role"
Carmen: "Je ne ferai pas un reprise d'un spectacle concu pour moi et chante par une autre, c'est cerain". "I won't sing in a revival of a performance created for me and performed by somebody else, that's for sure"
Francesca da Rimini & Norma: "Je ne souhaite pas faire en ce moment. "I don't want to sing these for the moment"
Marguerite: "La saison prochaine j'y chante Faust avec a nouveau Jonas Kaufmann". "The next season I'll sing Faust with Jonas Kaufmann" (@the Met)
In Vienna: "Je vais y faire tout mon repertoire: Adrienne, donc, et puis La Traviata, Tosca, Romeo et Juliette". "I'll sing my entire repertoire: Adriana, La Traviata, Tosca, Romeo and Juliette"
Master classes: "Je ne l'ai pas fait jusqu'a present, mais j'y pense desormais. A la memoire de Georg Solti, qui aurait eu cent ans en 2012, on m'a demande d'en donner en Toscane l'an prochain". "I haven't tried yet, but I'm thinking of it. Georg Solti would have been 100 years old in 2012 and I was asked to do it in his memory".
Want more? Sorry, but no :) I won't spoil the pleasure of reading the entire interview from the magazine. If you're not in France, you could buy it from Qobuz, as soon as it is available.


  1. Thank you Irina.You are a treasure.I'll buy it.

  2. 3 March 2012-Angela in concert in Washington

  3. Irina,
    Perhaps you know this already, Angela will be performing in Washington, DC next year at the Kennedy Center. Looking forward to it!