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"In Romania I feel loved and honored". The interview in Formula AS

At the beginning there are some questions about how she started singing and who the people that guided her in shool were. The answers aren't different from other interviews. Below you have the translation (with the kind permission of the owners) of the rest of the interview published in the latest issue of Formula As Magazine and realized by Mrs Silvia Kerim.
Among all your appearances on the greatest stages, which role do you cherish most? What about the partners you collaborated with for that role?
It’s impossible for me to answer this question. It’s hard to talk in an interview about 20 years of singing, having such a vast repertoire, so many appearances. The most recent production of Adriana Lecouvreur at Covent Garden comes to my mind right now. My partners, with no exception, are always close to me and we became good friends.
Is there a particular stage that facilitates the debut of a great voice? Which one? Covent Garden, the Metropolitan or Scala in Milan?
An important voice will be able to make a debut and a career on any of the stages in the world. But it’s important not only to make the debut but also to be able to keep on singing on these stages and in time to prove your qualities.
Which role that you haven’t tried yet you’d like to perform?
I haven’t thought of that yet. I always let my instinct and hazard to guide me or to challenge me. I’m curious to find out too.
Which of the characters performed so far do you feel closer to your nature?
There’s none. Maybe Adriana Lecouvreur and Floria Tosca. But mentalities and times we live in are completely different. Angela is different herself. She’s more complex and surprising.
How do you “bare” with your beauty?
Thank you for the compliment. I take care of myself and I want to be liked, admired and appreciated but the way I look is not essential for my private life or my career. Beauty sometimes helps but it can also harm.
What great things will happen in your career in 2011?
I have to record a new recital for EMI. I recorded Fedora with Placido Domingo. The recording of Adriana Lecouvreur with Jonas Kaufmann, from Covent Garden, will be released on DVD soon. I’ll have concerts in UK, Japan, Korea, China, Canada, Spain. I’ll sing at the Met, at Covent Garden and in Vienna. It will be my pleasure to talk about all these when time comes, if you’re curious to know what Angela Gheorghiu is doing, when, how, with whom, why…
How did you feel being celebrated on the stage of the National Theatre Bucharest, on December 30?
The atmosphere of appreciation and affection created around me made me feel loved and honored. These feelings are normal between my colleagues and I, or between the public and I, no matter the nationality. This happens everywhere in the world. Those who know me or saw me or worked with me can acknowledge my honesty, love, sacrifice and professionalism. I’m 100% involved in any of my professional or personal beliefs. The idea of this gala came from Mr Hunor Kelemen, the Minister of Culture. I was honored by his idea so I said “yes”. I appreciate these gestures that have no social, political or religious constraint. My music is for everybody, anywhere in the world. In a moment of grace, the artists and the audience join and become the tools of creating magic and dream through art.
What does Angela Gheorghiu wish to Romanians for 2011?
[…] I pray with them for a more peaceful and prosperous life, with positive moments, real progress and peace of mind.


  1. I really adore AG. But why can´t she tell us something more about new roles. As I look into future sites of the MET, CG, Vienna,..... there is always the same: Faust, La rondine, Romeo et Juliette, Adriana Lecouvreur, La boheme and La Traviata. I really love her voice but sometimes it is boring... I know that you have to be careful with the voice and that it is a major job to study a new role...
    What about the recorded roles: Butterfly, Trovatore, Aida....???
    Also Norma or Forza-Leonora would be a perfect match...
    What about the cancelled MET-Carmen that she wanted to sing in 2012?

    Even her homepage and the EMI site say:
    In future, she will also appear in Lucia di Lammermoor, Manon Lescaut, Tosca, Lucrezia Borgia, Alceste, Don Carlos and Don Giovanni.
    Lucia? I don´t believe in that, as hard as I wish it... Manon Lescaut should have been at La Scala but it was cancelled. Don Carlos she has cancelled... Will Lucrezia come?

    Or is she going to record all possible roles on CD and never try them onstage? I have all the CDs and can get enough of them, but a staged opera is something different and bigger for me....

  2. @Anonymous. We'll get these answers in time. There's no rush :)


  4. I agree. It would be nice to see and hear something different more often.