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"The idea in all my concerts is to do exactly what I want to do"

Says Angela in the the latest interview published on it was a phone interview, as Jessica Werb, the interviewer, mentions.

I know this sells the paper or brings clicks to the online versions, but lately journalists are too focused on the private life and they always feel the need of mentioning the withdrawals, all of them, if possible, at the beggining of the article. In an interview preceding her debut in Canada, there are only 3 short lines about the concert. I would have been interested more in the program, how she chose it or how come she decided to sing that beautiful piece in Russian, Song of the moon, than in dresses. Wasn't the purpose of the interview to promote Angela's image and the concert to the Canadians that have never listened to her live before?

But then again, it's just my opinion.

1 comment:

  1. You know how the media is -- they think people just want to read gossip.
    Shame about the operas as Angela obviously rather do concerts as she has more control over them.