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Signing session, Vancouver&Toronto

You lucky Canadians! You get Angela in solo concerts with a beautiful program, now also signing sessions. Check out for announcements about time and location when you get to the venues. And enjoy the concerts!



  1. Not Canada, but I got my ticket yesterday for the O2 concert in London, which I had booked so long ago I had almost forgotten about. Any idea what will be on the programme?

  2. Not yet, but I'm curious too.

  3. If you add up the total number of minutes she's actually singing you cane easily note that she cut her average singing time/concert down by 50%...years ago she would sing Casta Diva and Ah Bello (9 minutes) as one piece of of the 8 pieces she's singing some of them are 2 minute long (O mio babbino caro) and others 3 minute long (Caro mio ben). And I'm paying 160 dollars...

  4. Sorry, but it's your decission to pay that amount. And there's no secret that she'll sing those pieces. You buy the ticket to listen to her live, to feel the emotions. That's the whole point of going to the concert. Otherwise, there are many CDs available.
    So cheer up. And enjoy the concert!