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First reviews for the Vancouver concert

The Vancouver Sun

The Globe and Mail

Mr Duke from Vancouver Sun enjoyed the performance. The other two seemed to have had a bad day before going to the performance.

And here's a review from Tracey, who attended the concert and wrote to me. Thanks a lot! The reviewers need a brain and a heart transplant, especially the appropriately named Lloyd Dykk. Angela's voice was rich and velvety like dark chocolate, with added strands of golden light. It was something to fall into and float away on. She wore two gorgeous gowns, one classy, one classy and sexy! The audience was very responsive and stood and shouted hence the five encores. They did not cough or sniff or turn the pages of their programs. It was a wonderful night, an unforgettable experience. The signing lasted from 10:30 until after midnight and as always, Angela was wonderful with everyone. The staff said that in all their years working at the VSO, nobody had been as wonderful and approachable as she had been. This is what reviewers should be writing about. Angela the divine.


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