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"I am careful, not difficult". New interview in The Star

One day before the concert in Toronto (on April 7), the Canadian newspaper The Star published an interview with Angela, signed by John Terauds. There's a little bit of everything in there. I like the tone of this interview, somehow different from the others. And in the end there's again a mention about a future master class.

Just a fragment here, the rest can be read online.

Whenever your name is mentioned, there is talk about how difficult you are. You expect a certain standard from a production. You expect a certain standard from a director...
I am responsible, not just trying to be good or to be nice. When you are somewhere, you need to answer many questions: Am I in the right place, in the right role with the right people? Do you know how many questions you need to answer before a performance starts? It’s crazy. I need to be careful with everything. That is all. I am careful, not difficult.


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  1. Bette Davis was said to be difficult too. But she was just right.