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Something I like

A lot. The song is called "Coimbra" and it's a traditional fado. The local flavor is always impressive in a concert. Many videos from this Lisbon 2002 concert are posted on You Tube.


  1. This is great. Who is this person called Grand Tier who is posting all these things? They have quite a treasure trove!

  2. as a portuguese guy, to listen to this video, gives me such a pleasure that i can't describe. hearing one of my favorites sopranos singing in my language a song that i have heard since ever, its something!

  3. Isn't Grand Tier the former Angela Gheorghiu On Stage channel? My guess is it's her official youtube channel.

  4. I could be wrong but I think they are two different You Tube channels. They could be related, though:)

  5. I adore Angela, opera and fado music, as well!
    What a wonderful symbiosis!
    Thank you Irina!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. @Daniela. if you're talking about this one, then 98% of what's here are playlists. Videos gathered from all over YouTube and put in a certain order. It's the channel hidden under the YouTube icon on the right side of the page

  7. thank you for the Coimbra song - I absolutely love it and it really gets me quickly into a great mood!!!