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Tickets for Tosca on July 17 already available on ROH website

UPDATE 2: It seems that many people managed to get tickets, for both performance. I'm happy I could help :).
1 TICKET AVAILABLE FOR JULY 14 - I got a comment from Claudia saying that now that she bought a better ticket, she's willing to sell her ticket bought in March (Amphitheatre Lower Slips Left A 2) for July 14. If there's anybody interested, just send me an email.

UPDATE: July 17 is now gone from the website. So it was a mistake. If anybody managed to get a better ticket, then congrats! For the rest of the opera goers, keep you fingers crossed for tomorrow!


This was supposed to be a reminder, but if you check now the website of Royal Opera, you'll see that you already can buy tickets for Tosca on July 17. There are some good ones at the Amphitheatre. July 14 is not listed yet.

How should I call this? Hmmm... the big fight following the other big fight one month ago? Besides the non-friend public, also a lot of Friends will try to get better tickets for Tosca on July 14 and 17.

Anyway, General booking opens on April 5, at 10am (UK time).

Good luck! And let me know if you did better than in March.



  1. July 14 is now listed. Some good seats in the amphi available for both dates.
    Much better than my miserable Upper Slips from Friends booking. Many thanks for the tip.

  2. I get a ticket!
    A friend of mine booked a ticket for me for July 17.

  3. @Arabella. I'm so glad! See you in London!

  4. Hurray! Irina thank you so much!!! I had just read your news and I have tried to get a better ticket for July 14. I got one now. So if there is someone, who got no ticket for this date, please let me know. He or she can get my first ticket (I have bought it in march): Amphitheatre Lower Slips Left A 2. You know my email-adress. Thank you again for the tip.

    Best wishes from germany


    P.S. I have found the way to the stage door after the performance of Aida. And what should I say it was graet, you will know why...

  5. @Claudia. Great! See you there... now that you knowo the way. I'll put the announcement about the ticket in the post, maybe somebody wants it.