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Tosca, finalmente mia?

So? Did you do better than in March? What was your number at the queue? :)). I got in the moment the booking opened and both July 14 and 17 were sold out. Then there were some tickets here and there, but most of them 190 pounds or more.


  1. Thanks to your tip I was able to queue jump yesterday afternoon and got my ticket for the 17th. I didn't even try today as I already have tickets for Joyce di Donato in Cendrillon from the Friends Booking.

    They will be giving tickets away for the P Grimes with Heppner and as for Butterfly with Racettte and Valenti......

    There still nearly 1600 waiting in the queue as I write.

  2. I got nummer 1422 in the queue and when I arrived at number 2 i have been waiting for 25 minuter to get in and then discovered that nothing left for July 14.
    I got à ticket yesterday but I want more!