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Video interview on Rompost TV, Vancouver

. Via YouTube here comes a video interview from Vancouver. A few questions, lots of smiles and some footage from the concert on Sunday evening. It's nice seeing Angela after so long. Here's what she's saying: It’s a small world. I didn’t expect to speak Romanian in Vancouver. I’m impressed.

You performed on the greatest stages in the world and this is your debut in Vancouver. What made you accept the invitation? Any performance is a debut for me. If the “ingredients” are correct and if I receive proper answers to all my questions then I say Yes, and here I am, in Vancouver. It’s my first time in this city, but not my first time in Canada. This venue is like a jewel and I’m impressed. The orchestra and the conductor are amazing.

Everywhere you go you always say you were born in Romania and mention your first teacher, Mia Barbu. It’s normal for an artist that travels around the world, that sees new faces in front of her each evening. I’m different, the situation is different. Each time it’s like a debut. The fact that you reminded me of Mia Barbu made me feel well. She influenced my career, in every possible way.

In December you attended a Gala concert in Bucharest and you also received the “Star of Romania”. At a certain age you start receiving more and more awards. It’s an honor for me to receive them. But we have to understand that an artist isn’t chosen by the destiny or chooses her destiny. I was born with this voice and don’t expect to receive something in exchange. I am what I am because I can’t be different. I never wanted to be somebody else.

If you were to be born for the second time, where would you choose to live and what would you like to do? I didn’t choose, I was chosen. The fact that I followed a destiny or the fact that I always liked to share what I was given it’s like a second nature to me. It’s like you have something to eat when you’re hungry. I was meant to study, to travel, to change the entire program so the audience thinks I was born a day before. I’m happy to speak Romanian. It’s strange as I’m so far away from home.

Yes, there are more than 10000 km to Bucharest. You have a great career. When searching the internet, anybody can immediately find quotations such as “the most glamorous and gifted opera singers of our time”. If I may ask, do you have regrets? How can I have regrets? I don’t want to be misunderstood as it seems I deserved something. I think exactly the opposite. I always felt I must do this. And people have the curiosity to see me and listen to me. It didn’t have a goal in doing something or being somebody. I have just followed the path. And I try to be a good girl even if it doesn’t seem like this. We have to dress nicely, to have good manners in order to be admired. We all have the same wish, to have a great performance, to be surrounded by magic.

I’m sure the same will happen here, on Sunday evening. As a conclusion to our interview, do you have a message for the Romanian community? You should miss Romania, you should stop saying that you left Romania. I am often asked when I left Romania. I never did that. Traveling is part of our existence. Nowadays people want to travel, they want to live where they comfortable and we’re free to do this. But let’s not forget about Romania. I love it with all my heart and I’ve never felt differently.

It is an honor to have you here, in Vancouver. Thank you! .

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  1. Thank you Irina for this interview and the translation (it is necessary !), and also for the interview in "The Star". There are many good things from Angela !