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Valladolid, in photos

This is how it was. The voices, the music and... the dresses.

Angela Gheorghiu & Teodor Ilincai

The autograph session, after the concert

Angela Gheorghiu & Teodor IlincaiAngela Gheorghiu, Giordano Bellincampi (left), Teodor Ilinaci (right)


  1. Great pics Irina, thanks for sharing! I love your blog. Ross

  2. Thank you Irina for your warm and touching review. You really made me feel the atmosphere...and I do appreciate that Angela continues to perform together with young talents from Romania.
    This is a great opportunity!
    Have a nice week!

  3. enormes fotos irina el concierto fue algo delicioso
    gracias por hacer que pueda seguir siendo tan feliz al recorderlo

  4. Great review my felt like I were there. As I said, I am very glad for your experience. I love the black dress! My fave:)

  5. thanks , Irina, for your kind review and wonderful photos. I have had the great pleasure to be there, sitting on the first row just in front of Angela. I have followed her steps for many many years and that was for me a dream came true. After the concert, she signed records and let herself take photographs. She was fantastic! she also changed words with each fan, she took her time, as I told her my name she did not hesitate to tell me I had a very nice name. I just said "yours is beautiful, and you are really an angel" , and she laughed loud. It was a magic moment, I will never forget that evening. As I told her after making some photographs with her, "I will dream of you the rest of my life", she laughed and wished me to take care of myself and thanked me for attending her concert. I thought I was dreaming....