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Virginia Zeani and Angela Gheorghiu, together on TVR 1, May 22


Sunday, May 22, at 10:45pm Bucharest time (GMT+2) at Garantat 100% on TVR 1

Garantat 100% is a famous TV broadcast here. The interviewer, Catalin Stefanescu, masters words perfectly and he manages to get the best from his guests. Along the years artists, singers, writers, politicians, priests sat in those chairs and told the stories of their lives. The promo says that Mrs Zeani brought some video recordings that were never shown in Romania. You'll see, there'll be one hour of pure joy in the company of the two ladies.

TVR 1 can be seen online on different websites. One that works perfectly and it's for free is Dolce TV. But I don't know if it's working from abroad or not. If it's not working, just type "tvr1 online" in google and you'll find something for sure. The interview will be in Romanian.


Also on Sunday but at 4:30pm (GMT+2) the Romanian station Acasa TV will broadcast "Doamne de poveste" (more or less... "Ladies that made history") with Virginia Zeani.


  1. Thank you Irina for all these news, photos and videos !

  2. Yes, thank you very much for the stream of information. Will you be able to save the broadcasts? Is there a way to watch via a computer so I can see them in England? Please advise.

    I hope you have a chance for a longer meeting with Mme Zeani yourself.

    All good wishes


  3. @Yvonne - try the link I posted. it works for me. or google "tvr 1 (one) online". There's no live stream on their website.