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Bogdan Mihai, with Angela in Japan

In a recent interview for Radio Romanian Cultural, the Romanian tenor Bogdan Mihai announced that he was invited to take part in the two concerts that Angela has in Japan, on October 11 and 16. If the other Romanians that joined Angela in concerts (Stefan Pop, Teodor Ilincai, Marius Manea, Vlad Mirita) are lyric tenors, Bogdan is the bel canto man. Which means.... different program. He says in the interview that he'd like a 100% belcanto program and that he wishes to sing together Vieni fra queste bracia, the duet from I Puritani. This one:

Wouldn't it be great?

The interview ends with Angela singing Vien diletto from I Puritani.

1 comment:

  1. This can be for shure a very interesting concert/s. Regarding the repertoire, they have a lot of great things to sing. Finally, BELCANTO.
    Angela, this is what we are waiting for!