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The dream went on

...with Tosca #2. One performance is never enough. And this second one was something to die for. This Tosca will make history and when the DVD is released I’ll say “I was there!!!”. And there’s also the broadcast in cinemas in autumn for all those who wanted to be there but couldn’t get tickets as it was sold out long time ago. By the way, there were people queuing in front of the ROH at 10pm on July 16, one night before the performance! This should say a lot.

The fans are sure that was a night to remember both for Royal Opera House and for the world of opera. Those who weren’t in the venue will watch the DVD or will buy a ticket for the cinema broadcast. And the journalists whose opinions were contrary to those attending the performance will see the DVD and eventually will get to say “we were there too”.


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  2. Irina, I am so jealous!It looks wonderful. I was listening to the CD with Roberto and Angela and tried to imagine I was at the ROH with you all. I have got tickets for Faust in September. It will be a treat to see the cast but it is not one of my favourite opera's apart from Angela's arias. Thanks for a wonderful blog.

  3. I'm also jealous of all this people who were here!! I 'm looking forward the dvd and the broacast on movie in november!! Thank you for all these beautifull foto!!

  4. Glad you liked them. There are some more to come

  5. I will be also broadcasted on BBC Radio 3 on the 1st of October apparently


  6. Great!
    Hope you liked the performance. Let me know!

  7. I saw you there in your elegant black suit...Two very special evenings - I took my daughters and my niece, and they were all thrilled.

  8. Thank you for the description, almost I can imagine that I have been there also...
    She seems happy in this photo.
    Had to be a great night.