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O2 concert...what a night!



  1. Well, it was a thrill to see these two great artistes perform solo and together. I loved the two great Verdi duets, but then again, I am an opera geek however the audience only really came alive when the song and show stuff came out. It was something for everyone and Angela is a bit of a show off, isn't she?

    Domingo is a marvel at 70. I know he will stop one day but when? you couldn't predict it from Friday night.

    Shame the O2 didn't sell out, but high up isn't exactly the best place to see this stuff.

    Angela's high notes were ear shattering and true.

    Great fun and thanks.

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  3. What a tease you are, Irina. LOL
    I made it to the two performances of TOSCA but not this concert.
    Can't wait for your review and photos.

  4. @Susan - you should have reminded me you're coming for Tosca. I completely forgot :(. Sorryyyyy

  5. I am jealous of you guys who were able to be there. I did not see any news coverage of the event, however. Could you please tell us a bit more and details of the program? Is it going to be broadcast or telecast? Thanks.

  6. Irina,toata lumea asteapta cu sufletul la gura urmatoarea postare.Hai, nu vezi? "Poporul" o cere!!!:-) :-):-)

  7. Vineeee. Am schimbat si eu un pic fusul, am mai fost un pic la servici... :)