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"Angela and Friends? Actually I thought of that"

... said Angela Gheorghiu at the end of the interview on TVR Info this evening. "In France or Romania, I don't know yet. The idea is not original, but for sure it would be interesting for a soprano to do this kind of concert". Good news! Hope the project will come to life soon.

It was a dialogue on the phone, live from London. In brief, Angela said a few things about the upcoming album, "Homage to Maria Callas", about the three productions (Faust, Tosca and Adriana Lecouvreur) included in the ROH's 2011-2012 cinema season, hoping that they'll be available also in Romania (well, I hope that too...). The conversation had as background the promotional video released by EMI that you could also see during the interview on Antena 3, two nights ago.


  1. There's something that I didn't get during the interview, the connection was not very good, so if there's anyone who listened to the interview and can help me, it would be much appreciated. When speaking of doing Tosca, she mentioned something about consulting her 20-year mentor at ROH about that. She spoke about that in the context of Toni Pappano telling her that she should have her own Tosca and them deciding to have a new production. I'm not sure if she referred to Toni Pappano as her mentor and advisor for 20 years or it was another person. Thank you.

  2. @Daniela_I guess she mentioned Peter Katona.Chris

  3. Thank you, Chris.