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Angela will attend the relay of Tosca in Bucharest, Nov 28

According to the website of National Opera Bucharest, Angela Gheorghiu will be present in the venue for the relay of Tosca on November 28. Hopefully her presence there is connected to a possible launch of the new CD in Romania. That would be great. I'm sure everybody will be delighted. The location is perfect for such an event, plenty of people coming... we'll see.
The tickets for Tosca are not on sale yet. So check out the National Opera website from time to time. Oh, and I would have put this info on top of the page and not at the bottom as it's a pretty big event. 
 Also put down the other relays on your operatic agendas. ROH's Adriana Lecouvreur is scheduled for January 23.
This piece of news made my Sunday!


  1. Thank you Irina for the wonderful news!!!
    This is a great opportunity...I was almost losing my hope after checking ROH website, regarding the cinema season.
    As concerns the Bolshoi gala, in my opinion Angela was brilliant. I was very excited wondering what exactly she would perform.
    I was thinking about Rachmaninoff Vocalise or None but the lonely hearts by Tchaikovski. However, her approach of Queen of Spades was deeply touching, once again demonstrating her professionalism and charisma.
    Your blog is a real treasure!Thank you again!!!

  2. Irina, you're always bearer of great news! Since I saw Tosca and Adriana Lecouvreur at ROH I've been waiting anxiously and hoping for some news on broadcasts of the recordings in Bucharest. I'm very happy and looking forward to see Angela, Jonas, Bryn, Alessandro Corbelli again, this time on the big screen. It's too bad La Boheme on 13 March is not Angela, but at least we have Tosca and Adriana :-)
    I also think that Angela's presence for Tosca would be the perfect opportunity to launch her new CD. There are very many people who would love that.
    Thank you, Irina!