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Homage to Maria Callas in iTunes Romania

and not only. But I wanted to mention it because iTunes made music download available in Romania only about two months ago. So maybe not too many people know about this. You have to instal iTunes on your computer and search for the album. You'll find it very fast. I haven't seen the album in music stores here yet, so downloading is a good option. And a less expensive one (10 euros). And it includes track 14, Habanera, the duet with Maria Callas.
Speaking of this particular track, it should be available online following the link in the booklet of the Deluxe version of Homage. Tried, but couldn't find it there. It might be just me, as I'm not very good with these modern technologies. Did anybody managed to get the duet on EMI website?
Back to the original topic, click on the icon below to go to Homage download page (available only for Romania. for other countries, please visit the local iTunes page)

Homage to Maria Callas - Angela Gheorghiu

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  1. Hi Irina, I purchased the deluxe version here in the USA and also could not get the duet from the EMI website. I thought it was my computer but maybe not. Guess we should email EMI.
    Big Fan Sue