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Il mio solo pensiero, Tosca, sei tu!

It was difficult, but I made up my mind. I'm selfish and I won't tell you anything of what happened last night at the Tosca relay here in Bucharest.

I won't tell that the evening started with a short press conference where Angela said she considers recording a Mozart album, that the Qatar project includes a duet with Roberto and that there'll be a recital at La Scala with the Romanian pianist Dan Grigore. Then she looked straight to me and puff.. I don't remember anything else.

I won't tell you that the Opera House where Tosca was relayed was packed, that people saluted Angela's presence there with lots of applauses, that the second act is still my favorite and Tosca's final look towards the dead Scarpia got my hear beat uncontrollably and I had to make the tears disappear as fast as I could to preserve the taught girl appearance. That at the end of the broadcast Angela came on stage and gave one of the most emotional speeches I've ever heard. Or that the queue for autographs lasted about 3 hours meanwhile each and every person there got the chance to say something or get a piece of advice. And I saw some young sopranos almost fainting in front of her. I also heard "oh my god, I can't believe you're in front of me", "national treasure" several times, "we're your greatest fans" about 30 times, around 150 signatures (or even more) for mothers, grandmothers, relatives or just for personal use on CDs, photos and books. There were flowers, lots and lots of photos and to end the evening in a joyful way towards 1am, a Spanish gentleman sung a song for her.

At the press conference
I won't say anything. Because after a performance I do my best to avoid the "did you like it" question because if I say that I can't breath properly others might not get it. A friend of mine told me... you are happy. Your eyes show it. It was my evening and mine only.


  1. It was a fascinating evening! Angela was beyond all words...and I am so grateful for everything!
    It was nice to meet you Irina, on such a wonderful occasion and thank you again for letting us share our passion in this special place!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Marvellous! Tears of remembering Vissi D'arte, tears of joy from being in the screen with them in this incredible production. Tears listening and watching Angela phenomenal acting and singing. The dark rich velvety tones with the high notes of spun gold. Wish I had been there. Victoria and I saw it with 25 people in Santa Monica. We were the youngest! I miss Europe for this reason. TOSCA & ANGELA GHEORGHIU. The best in history the greatest Tosca and we saw it!

  3. I'm so glad you weren't able to tell me anything, Irina. LOL
    Thanks for the update and nice photos. Glad you had such a good time.

  4. @Ruxandra, mi-a parut foarte bine. Sper sa mai avem ocazia :)