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Merry Christmas!

Dear Angela,
Thank you for a year full of beautiful moments. Each trip, each three hours inside the opera house or concert hall mean entering another world, so different from my every day life.  A world where I can cry or laugh, be amazed or breathless. It's an amazing, unique, long lasting, addictive feeling that I call Angela effect. All because of your voice.  And each time I try to put down in words what I can't say in person and make others believe that magic exists.
You'll always have my appreciation, affection and respect. Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays to all my friends around the world, new or old. Can't wait to see you again next year!


  1. You said it Irina! I can't imagine my life without Angela and all the joy and fun she brings us and all the great friends we make and meet! Happy Christmas! Tons of love Anne xxxx

  2. From Denmark, Albertslund I will send manyChristmas Greetings to Angela and Roberto, but to Irina Too. I wiil hope to meet Angela and Roberto in 2012.
    Mogens, Albertslund,

  3. I do agree with you Irina!
    Angela is such an amazing artist and when I met her in person I found such a charismatic person, as well! She is so lovely and generous, as I remained breathless and I couldn't say a word in her presence. I wish I told her that she is always present in my soul with her blessed voice, so inspiring, that every Sunday when I hear Tatal Nostru in church, I think only at her divine interpretation. All her CD-s and DVD-s are the most precious treasure for me!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  4. Beautifully written Irina. The Angela Effect. It is the voice that touches my soul. The voice that my life depends upon and that I must listen to constantly. Like breathing. A voice of great lyrical beauty, vibrant, rich, velvety, dark, magical. The genius. I am thrilled we are contemporaries and hearing you live is possible. Meeting new friends around the world is certainly icing on the cake.
    Happy Christmas Angela.
    (Please sing Vissi d'Arte in DC)!

  5. That was very nicely written, Irina. I also want to thank you for all your Angela information and hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas. I also wish you the best for the New Year and hope you get to see many Angela performances.

  6. nu sunt un meloman, DAR

    este ceva in neregula... nu distorsiune, exulta siguranta, control, DAR...fiorul apartine doar situatilor, nu apare ca ceva generic - sa tina de miracol. Performanta nu este de ajuns, cei mari raman prin acel Altceva care traverseaza vremea, atat cat e nu e de ajuns. Maria Callas avea acel altceva transfigurat in voce...

    viata este o aventura, orice este posibil